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Who We Are

About Us

Our Mission

At Neal Excavating, our standing is built on ensuring our customers are satisfied. Over the years, we've assisted numerous clients in completing their projects with the exact services they need.

As a small family-owned company, we pride ourselves on staying connected with our customers despite our busy schedule. Our ultimate aim is to assist as many clients as we can while also nurturing a joyful and balanced family life.

Dad and I

Company History

In 1984, Kenny Neal made a bold decision to trade his beloved 1968 AMC AMX for his first backhoe, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. Transitioning from a 19-year tenure at the former Indiana Gas Company, he dedicated himself to Neal Excavating full-time. His genuine charm and caring nature quickly attracted a loyal customer base and paved the way for his success in those formative years.

Over time, Kenny connected with a diverse range of individuals, offering assistance with any challenges they faced. Passing on his wealth of knowledge and expertise, he mentored his son, Kevin Neal, instilling in him the values of hard work and dedication. Kevin grew up immersed in the world of machinery, supporting his father in the business endeavors.

In 2012, after Kenny's passing, Kevin took the reins of the excavating business. Honoring his father's memory, he continues to run the business with a commitment to helping those in need of excavating services, carrying on the legacy.

After its establishment by Kenny Neal in 1984, Neal Excavating underwent a transformation into Neal Excavating LLC when Kevin Neal assumed ownership in 2012.